Liquibase Offers Insight Into Database Changes & Releases With Free SaaS Dashboard

Liquibase Offers Insight Into Database Changes & Releases With Free SaaS Dashboard

All users can organize, monitor, and view Liquibase database change activity in real-time, increasing team collaboration and deployment success

Liquibase, the company behind the most powerful community-led database change management solution, announces Liquibase Hub is generally available. This free SaaS dashboard allows Liquibase users to organize, monitor, and visualize their database changes and deployments.

“We are providing a ridiculously easy way for developers to know more about their database changes and deployments,” said Robert Reeves, CTO of Liquibase. “Hub gives everybody one simple dashboard to help Liquibase users easily understand which database changes have been deployed and when. This just doesn’t exist today for millions of Liquibase users.”


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Liquibase Hub connects to Liquibase via an API, enabling real-time monitoring of key Liquibase operations. This central location of information empowers DBAs, DevOps professionals, and managers to easily track the progress of their database changes and releases through the CI/CD pipeline.

“When I initially built Liquibase, it was a tactical keystone in the emerging CI/CD deployment process,” said Nathan Voxland, founder of the Liquibase open source project. “Until now, the rest of the processes and insight into them were an exercise left for users ー and they have been creative. I’m excited to see how Liquibase Hub amplifies their creativity and efficiency with new API-driven monitoring and reporting features.”


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Liquibase Hub Boosts Database Change Visibility for the Whole Team

  • Insight for ManagersProvides database release information in one place for all changes that occur throughout an organization.
  • Monitoring for DevelopersProvides real-time information about deployments and an overview of recent commands for the specific database developers are working on.
  • Collaboration for TeamsRemoves friction between Dev and Ops allowing teams to quickly understand which changes have been made and when in each environment. 

“Companies today have strategic imperatives to deliver digital services to market more quickly,” said Rachel Stephens, Industry Analyst at RedMonk. “Organizations that prize velocity are increasingly looking at how to incorporate the database into their software development process. By helping organizations automate their database schema changes and providing deeper visibility into database changes, Liquibase Hub aims to help teams collaborate and accelerate their DevOps and CI/CD initiatives.”

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