Manage Cloud Costs, Increase Cloud Security, And Improve Operational Efficiencies With Upland Cimpl Cloud

With Cimpl Cloud, organizations gain complete visibility into their cloud environment from a central location

Upland Software, Inc. announces the release of Cimpl Cloud, a new capability from its Cimpl product built to help customers reduce cost in their complex cloud environments, minimize security vulnerabilities, and increase compliance measures. With Cimpl Cloud, technology expense management customers have clear visibility into their cloud inventory so they can quickly gain control of their cloud spend across the organization including cost allocation, invoicing, and chargebacks.

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As more companies migrate their infrastructure to the cloud, one of their top challenges is controlling costs. In fact, Gartner reported that approximately 80 percent of organizations say they’re currently exceeding their cloud budget. With Cimpl Cloud, organizations can efficiently see what they have, what they are paying for, and what they are using, all from a central location.



“Due to the ease of purchasing new cloud services, an organization’s cloud footprint can balloon overnight,” says Keith Berg, Vice President of Product and R&D at Upland Software. “Managing the cloud environments of multiple teams within an organization – from CloudOps to DevOps to FinOps – can cause extremely challenging and error-prone reporting and can become too complex to manage with native cloud tools. Cimpl Cloud’s quick implementation allows customers to see cost savings immediately, and set up ongoing monitoring, which is an ideal long-term solution as companies continue to expand their cloud footprints.”


Features of Cimpl Cloud include:

  • Optimize Cloud Costs: Provides total visibility into cloud services and spend in a single cloud or multi-cloud (e.g., AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud) environment.
  • Secure Dynamic Cloud Environments: Allows comparison of cloud infrastructure to over 600 security best practice checks and identifies security vulnerabilities with multiple points of entry.
  • Maintain Compliance Standards and Control: Leverages 35+ compliance frameworks and detailed reporting to ensure the highest governance standards.
  • Manage and Allocate Costs: Allocates cloud costs back to the business (the relative amount each team is using within the business) and enables issuing show backs or chargebacks to specific teams.
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