Lippert Exceeds Annual Risk Reduction Target & Demonstrates Commitment to Safety with VelocityEHS Industrial Ergonomics

Lippert Exceeds Annual Risk Reduction Target & Demonstrates Commitment to Safety with VelocityEHS Industrial Ergonomics

VelocityEHS, the global leader in enterprise EHS & ESG software solutions, is proud to announce the ergonomics program success achieved by Lippert Components, Inc. (Lippert), a manufacturer and supplier of a broad array of highly engineered components for the leading original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”) in the recreation and transportation product markets. In 2021, during an ongoing global pandemic, Lippert set an annual target to reduce threats associated with high-risk jobs by 20 percent. Through the implementation of VelocityEHS Industrial Ergonomics, Lippert exceeded their 20 percent target and has seen an annual risk score reduction of nearly 50 percent.

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With over 14,000 team members working in more than 90 manufacturing and distribution facilities globally, Lippert runs world-class operations driven by a culture of caring. In 2021, the company implemented VelocityEHS Industrial Ergonomics at over 40 North America locations as part of an organization-wide commitment to increasing employee safety and engagement. Through its powerful AI-driven technology and highly effective ActiveEHS approach, VelocityEHS helped Lippert exceed its annual risk score reduction goal and fullfill its commitment to the health and safety of all team members.

“At Lippert, we live by our Core Values—one of which is ‘Caring About People,’” said Erick Click, Vice President EHS at Lippert. “Our team is the heartbeat of our business, and as an organization we’ve prioritized their continued health and safety. VelocityEHS has been a critical partner in the proactive measures taken to systematically improve our safety culture. We are proud of our results and will continue to demonstrate our commitment to our team and their families.”

Part of the innovative VelocityEHS Accelerate® Platform, the company’s all-in-one advanced Industrial Ergonomics solution combines online training, smart assessment tools and powerful program management features to seamlessly deploy, monitor, and manage the industrial ergonomics process across one, hundreds or even thousands of locations. The system’s sensorless motion-capture technology allows users to perform real-time risk assessments with video taken on any mobile device, analyzing jobs faster and more accurately than any other method. Backed by the largest global software community of EHS experts and thought leaders, VelocityEHS helps companies drive more effective processes and keep employees safe so that every team member can produce outstanding results.

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“Data shows that when ergonomics is done right, companies see significant results in improved employee well-being and enhanced business performance,” said John Damgaard, CEO of VelocityEHS. “Establishing a formal ergonomics process is the best way to achieve that, and leveraging technology enables you to provide consistent training, a common method, tools, and metrics across your organization. That’s why more businesses of all sizes across every industry look to VelocityEHS to help them push the process upstream to reduce musculoskeletal disorder risk and achieve new levels of worker engagement and safety performance.”

With over 19,000 customers and more than 10 million users worldwide, more businesses trust VelocityEHS and its suite of ESG and EHS management software solutions to safeguard employees, manage risk and meet their complex compliance obligations than any other industry software provider

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