IntraSee Spins Out Ida Artificial Intelligence, Inc.

IntraSee Spins Out Ida Artificial Intelligence, Inc.

‘Ida’ Leads Market in Conversational AI Platforms for Large Enterprises and Universities Using Oracle Technologies

IntraSee, Inc., has established Ida Artificial Intelligence, Inc.(‘Ida’), a SaaS technology company. Ida provides revolutionary conversational artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for large companies, universities and colleges, and governments using Oracle enterprise technologies.

“With the spin-out of Ida, we are better able to leverage the conversational AI technologies and
methodologies we have built over the past decade at IntraSee,” said Paul Isherwood, CEO of Ida ArtificialIntelligence. Ida enables exponential efficiencies in the automated build, configuration, testing, feedback, learning and remediation of conversational UI services.

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“Ida is the most advanced conversational platform available today,” according to Andrew Bediz,
President of Ida Artificial Intelligence. “Ida outperforms Alexa, Siri and Google. It not only responds to the obvious frequently asked questions (FAQs) generally searched by consumers; Ida can actually navigate complex ERP, CRM, SIS and other technologies to respond to highly-individualized inquiries and requested actions.” Commenting on its market applications, Bediz added, “Ida enables large, complex companies and higher education institutions to create high-performing digital assistants. Ida is able to vastly accelerate an enterprise’s adoption of artificial intelligence, natural language processing and automation technologies.”

By enabling a common user interface to easily navigate through the complex information and
technology architectures that house the vital information of large, sophisticated enterprises, Ida enables users to more easily engage and interact with companies and educational institutions through humanlike experiences that are, in fact, digital.

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“In two and a half seconds, Ida can complete an inquiry or transaction that typically takes a human an average of 24 hours to complete,” said Isherwood, comparing the performance of human agents and high-cost contact centers with Ida’s verified performance results. “The typical cost to the enterprise is between $19 and $100 per user interaction with a human agent. Ida completes that same interaction at a cost of less than $1.” IntraSee’s client roster includes leaders such as Honeywell and Southern Company in the corporate market, and Loyola University in the higher education market, each of which use the Ida platform.

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