Sphere And Safe Software Partner To Streamline The Adoption Of Extended Reality Into Enterprise Operations

Sphere And Safe Software Partner To Streamline The Adoption Of Extended Reality Into Enterprise Operations

Together, Sphere – extended reality (XR) software by holo|one – and Safe Software’s cutting-edge data migration tool, FME, create a dynamic alliance that empowers leading organizations to enhance productivity and collaboration by drastically simplifying the systems integrations that enable XR deployments to truly scale.

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Sphere’s device-agnostic XR platform optimizes communication and problem-solving by creating a multi-dimensional environment that closes the information gap and connects teams worldwide. Safe Software’s data transformation tool simplifies the integration of key systems, including PLMs, CRMs and more, into Sphere, enabling its rapid adoption without necessitating changes to critical software infrastructure.


By joining forces, Sphere solidifies its position as a turnkey, no-code solution for multinational enterprises looking to rapidly harness extended reality functionality. Safe Software’s FME data integration platform will provide a conduit for the use of every type of data imaginable in real world XR applications. Safe’s ability to create a tapestry from different data sources and then send it to Sphere promises a more immersive client experience.

“For almost 30 years, Safe Software has been a leader at integrating all types of spatial data. Extended reality is the perfect technology in which users can “experience” their data rather than simply view it on a screen. This creates a whole new world of applications and increases the productivity of any organization that has infrastructure or digital twins,” says Safe’s Co-founderDon Murray, “We are excited to be working with holo|one to deliver the best data to their platform so they can continue to deliver an unrivaled mixed reality experience to their users.”

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This partnership further establishes Safe Software’s technology as the foremost commercial data integration solution with support for all types of spatial data.

“ Sphere is enabling our enterprise customers to amplify the effectiveness of their global workforces by providing next-gen tools for collaboration, training, and visualization,” says Leon Laroue, Head of Partnerships at Sphere, “At the center of all this is an incredible amount of 2D and 3D data that enterprises already have, carefully crafted over decades. Sphere is designed, not to force customers to recreate that data for XR, but to make productive use of that already existing data in XR. As such, enabling systems integration is core to what Sphere offers. Through our partnership with Safe Software – those integrations, which used to require months of custom development effort, now become exponentially easier to deploy and maintain, more cost effective, and much more scalable.”

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