MaiVERIC Releases Advanced License Plate Recognition System for Law Enforcement

MaiVERIC is announcing the general release of its AstroMetrics software application for public safety agencies. AstroMetrics is a state-of-the-art SaaS solution that indexes millions of license plate records per day and allows law enforcement investigators to quickly retrieve actionable evidence to solve cases and increase public safety in the communities they serve.

MaiVERIC’s AstroMetrics aggregates records from multiple Automatic License Plate Recognition Systems (commonly known as ALPRS), including those from the leading camera vendors in North America, allowing law enforcement agencies across city and county lines to share their respective datasets and enhance the effectiveness of their stand-alone systems. The application’s web-based interface offers users advanced search capabilities, data visualization tools, and the ability to generate case reports and email alerts. Client administrators also have access to real-time data ingestion and usage logs.


AstroMetrics meets the requirements established by California’s Senate Bill 34. It is accessible only by duly appointed law enforcement operators under strict agency guidelines. It is hosted in a secured US-based GovCloud environment, provides for transparency of implementation and policies, and alerts agency stakeholders of any data breach. It also maintains all usage records and upholds privacy policies to ensure that the collection, use, maintenance, sharing, and dissemination of the information respects citizens’ constitutional rights.

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MaiVERIC successfully released AstroMetrics in Northern California last month, where it is providing the service through the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center to 70 public safety agencies. “Our member agencies are eager to use AstroMetrics to generate leads, locate subjects of investigation, recover stolen property, and collaborate with their public safety neighbors across jurisdictional boundaries. I’m especially pleased that MaiVERIC could deploy AstroMetrics in a flexible manner that remains compliant with the changing landscape of privacy law and the expectations of our member agencies,” stated Brian Rodrigues, NCRIC’s Assistant Deputy Director for Information Technology & Cyber Security. MaiVERIC is now approaching other fusion centers who can spearhead regional deployments throughout the country.


“MaiVERIC was founded on the belief that advanced technology can enhance the capabilities of public safety agencies without compromising people’s rights,” explained Tom Avery, MaiVERIC’s co-founder and former Deputy Sheriff and Computer Crimes Investigator with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. “MaiVERIC’s single mission is to contribute to the spread of safety and peace in the communities we serve,” further stated Manuel Monroy, another co-founder who was born and raised in Mexico and has seen for decades the effects of insecurity on people’s wellbeing.

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