Instana Announces Automatic Distributed Tracing Support for Java and Go

Instana Announces Automatic Distributed Tracing Support for Java and Go

Instana, a leading provider of APM and Observability Solutions for Cloud-Native and microservice applications, announced the availability of automated tracing for Lambda functions written in Java or Go. Extending the already existing automatic tracing for Python and Node.js, Instana is the only solution to provide automatic native tracing of all 4 languages on Lambda.

“Serverless platforms have represented a huge opportunity to minimize compute costs while continuing to deliver high-performance mission-critical business applications,” said Chris Farrell, Observability Strategist at Instana. “Instana’s end-to-end distributed tracing, enabled with just a configuration setting, delivers everything needed for observability, monitoring, and troubleshooting in serverless environments.”

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Able to operate independently of infrastructure-based APIs like AWS X-Ray, Instana’s tracing for Go and Java delivers the same detail, functionality and information as its standard tracing capabilities. Not only does this provide a common methodology that allows better comparison, but also ensures that users have a full picture of transactions as they move across either serverless or standard workloads.

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Instana’s Enterprise Observability Platform, powered by automated Application Performance Monitoring, discovers and maps all services, infrastructure and their inter-dependencies automatically. Instana ingests all observability metrics, traces each request, profiles every process and updates application dependency maps in real time to deliver the context and actionable feedback needed by Dev+Ops to optimize application performance, enable innovation and mitigate risk to help them add value and efficiency to the pipeline.

All distributed traces, regardless of infrastructure type, are included in Instana’s Unbounded Analytics, the only product-driven analytics engine that analyzes infrastructure and application monitoring metrics, distributed traces and process profiles together in one place, providing deep analysis of all important data on a single screen to help answer any question about application performance.

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