RiverMeadow Announces Integrated Solutions with NetApp to Simplify Migration, Optimize Storage and Provide Cost-effective DR Options for Google Cloud Customers

RiverMeadow Software Inc., a leading provider of workload mobility solutions, has introduced comprehensive solutions that address the challenges customers face migrating and protecting their data on Google Cloud. The integrated solution offers enhanced flexibility, performance, and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) through NetApp Cloud Volume Service (CVS).

The collaboration between RiverMeadow and NetApp, a global, cloud-led, data-centric software company, aims to simplify and optimize the following use cases for Google Cloud customers:

Migrating to Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE):

Customers looking to utilize GCVE often over-purchase Nodes (hyper-converged infrastructure including a specific amount of usable storage) due to the fixed capacity of compute and storage resources. NetApp CVS enables independent scaling of GCVE nodes and CVS storage, resulting in a lower TCO and the advantages of consolidated storage. RiverMeadow and NetApp deliver a seamless, integrated method for migrating and modernizing workloads onto GCVE with CVS-enhanced data stores.


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Migrating to Google Cloud Compute Engine (GCE):

Customers using Google Compute Engine instances often rely on the provided SCSI storage options in GCE, which lack the on-demand scalable performance and a unified management interface. NetApp CVS offers versatile storage solutions for cloud-native instances via SMB or NFS. RiverMeadow supports the migration of unstructured data from any source directly onto SMB Shares or NFS Mount Points using a user-friendly UI-based workflow, eliminating complexity.

Protecting workloads for DR on Google Cloud:


Google Cloud and NetApp CVS deliver a cost-effective and adaptable DR environment for both on-premises and cloud-based workloads. NetApp and RiverMeadow enable customers to choose between protecting workloads to a “Zero-compute” target or a “Pilot-light cluster” target based on their budget and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) requirements.

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Jim Jordan, CEO of RiverMeadow, commented on the partnership, “RiverMeadow and NetApp worked closely to develop an end-to-end solution that allows customers to quickly and cost-effectively adopt both GCVE and CVS. Together, NetApp and RiverMeadow are committed to delivering innovative solutions that simplify cloud migration and provide robust DR options for businesses leveraging Google Cloud.”

Ronen Schwartz, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cloud Storage at NetApp, stated, “Our partnership with RiverMeadow represents a step forward in providing customers with streamlined migration, optimized storage, and cost-effective disaster recovery solutions. By combining the strengths of NetApp’s Cloud Volume Service with RiverMeadow’s workload mobility expertise, we’re empowering businesses to fully harness the potential of Google Cloud while minimizing complexity and maximizing efficiency. We are proud to be part of this innovative collaboration, and we remain dedicated to driving the success of our customers in the ever-evolving cloud landscape.”

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