Facebook to remove all content that denies or distorts the Holocaust

On Monday Facebook, announced a policy change. Now, those Facebook users who deny or distort one of the most frightful events in human history ‘Holocaust’ will have their content banned or removed under a policy change.

Facebook to remove content denying or distorting the Holocaust

The social media giant in a blog post stated

Our decision is backed by the well-documented increase in such thinking and violence across the globe and the distressing level of ignorance regarding the Holocaust, particularly amongst young people

As per the recent survey of adults in the US aged 18-39, nearly a quarter stated they considered the Holocaust was a myth, that it had been exaggerated or they weren’t certain.

Facebook stated that it will redirect users who search about the holocaust to reliable information off Facebook.

On Monday, Mark Zuckerberg stated that his thinking has evolved and he always has strived with the tension among standing for free expression and the harm induced by distorting or denying the horror of the Holocaust. Drawing the right lines separating what is and isn’t acceptable speech isn’t frank, however with the present state of the world, he considers this is the right balance.

Additionally, Facebook stated that it had banned over 250 white supremacist organizations and taken down over 22.5 million cases of hate speech during the second quarter.

Implementation of these policies cannot occur overnight. There is a broad series of content that can disrupt these policies, and it will need some time to train our analysts and systems on implementation. We are thankful to multiple partners for their information and openness as we operate to maintain our platform safe.

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