Oath (Yahoo) gets patent for integrated domain + trademark search

Oath (Yahoo) gets patent for integrated domain + trademark search

Idea could help people register a domain and trademark at the same time.

A diagram from an Oath/Yahoo patent that shows offering trademark search along with domain search

A diagram from Oath’s patent.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted patent number 10,956,516 (pdf) to Oath Inc. (Yahoo) for “Collectively performing domain searches and trademark searches.”

The patent describes a system for searching for domains and trademarks at the same time. It appears that Oath’s primary purpose is for a domain search that can cross-sell trademark registration to the registrant. For example, the system will pitch registering a trademark for “example” to someone who registered the domain example.com. (Presumably, they’d need to file an intent-to-use trademark application if they are registering a domain for a new business.)

This idea could also be used to warn registrants that a domain they are registering is similar to a trademark.

I ran a quick search at Yahoo Domains and didn’t see this idea implemented, although it could be applied after you finish registering the domain.

Oath applied for the trademark in June 2018 and it was granted today.

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