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Kevin O’Leary is an investor who is best known for being a “Shark” on ABC’s Shark Tank television show. One of his investments is in a company called Immutable Holdings, Inc., a holding company with various blockchain-based investments. One of the company’s investments is, a domain name that is currently under development.

In a press release announcing that Immutable Holdings was listed on the NEO Stock Exchange, Kevin O’Leary commented on the domain name:

“I invested in Immutable Holdings to get a diverse portfolio of blockchain opportunities, including, one of the most important and valuable domain names in crypto assets,” said O’Leary. “ is where the puck is going. The opportunity to build profiles in the NFT space with such a powerful and important domain name is why what Immutable Holdings is doing is so valuable.”

I think the comment is worth highlighting because is not even a developed asset at this point. is an empty vessel domain name that is positioned to become a leader in the space simply because it is

According to the press release, will be “the go-to platform for entering the non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem offering products and services to make these multimedia digital assets more accessible to the public and provide artists, creators, investors and fans with resources and opportunities to grow their portfolio.”

When I first highlighted the quote on Twitter, Andrew Rosener commented about selling the asset:

I have since learned the domain name was sold for seven figures, although the exact amount of the sale is not being disclosed.

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