Afternic may give more insight into leads

Afternic may give more insight into leads

Uniregistry platform is showing when a lead comes in from Afternic.

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One of the nice things about Afternic is that its brokers take care of all inquiries for you. You don’t have to bother with confused inquirers and people who won’t pay anywhere close to your price. You only hear from its brokers when a domain sells or an offer is close.

The downside is that Afternic doesn’t give you any visibility into inquiries that don’t result in a sale. There’s no indication in your account that a domain received offers/inquiries, although you can manually ask your account manager for this data.

This might change for the better.

In a Uniregistry market update this week, the GoDaddy-owned company said that it is now labeling Afternic leads on domains that are in the Uniregistry market:

Apart from increased sales, the integration also gives you a greater amount of insight into your domain portfolio. You will now be able to see new leads received through the Afternic Network directly in your Uni Market account! You can identify these leads in your account by the “Network Lead” label. This feature is currently unique to UniMarket clients as a beta test and will hopefully be available within Afternic in the coming months as well.

A lead is a valuable indicator even when it doesn’t result in a sale. Even if the top offer on a domain was $250, knowing that an offer came in, or that a domain received a lot of inquiries, is enough to make it worth renewing the domain name.

It would be very helpful if GoDaddy could pull this information into the GoDaddy domain manager, too.

While I’m on my wishlist, I’d like Afternic to make it easier to see how much parking revenue domains have made. A simple .csv download like Uniregistry offers would suffice.

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