Tool generates trending domain registration ideas

Tool generates trending domain registration ideas

UIDomains takes a different approach to domain discovery.

Image showing popular trending keywords in domain name registrations, such as Biden and Trump

The trending keywords report on UIDomains.

There are lots of domain name spinning tools out there that help you find domains to register. I recently became aware of one that takes a very different approach to the others. looks at trending keywords in registered .com domain names and combines these with the user’s keyword.


In the background, UIDomains looks at all of the domains registered today and the word frequencies in the domains. It then keeps track of words that are trending over time.

The Daily Trending Domain Keywords report shows which words are trending and how this has changed over time. The number in the blue box shows how many domains with the term were registered over the past day.

Compare this to a traditional name spinner like LeanDomainSearch, which uses the most popular keywords in domains overall as a static list for name spinning.

Of course, trending words might not be a good fit for your search term. Trump and Biden are trending today, but the terms don’t make sense for many domain registrations.


The service also offers more traditional spinning by running your keyword against lists of common keywords, 4-5 letter words, and other lists. This can be tweaked in the advanced settings.

UIDomains does domain lookups in two modes. The fast mode is extremely fast, but only 95% accurate. This is frustrating: the names that pop out at you as registration candidates are the most likely to be false positives. Whenever I spotted a compelling name that it showed was available, it turned out the domain was already taken. There’s a slower mode that’s more accurate.

It’s worth noting that your searches and the resulting lists are public on the site. This shouldn’t be a big issue because you are likely to register good domains immediately. There’s a premium option with added features, including keeping your searches private.


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