The Case for Colocation in Enterprise Edge IT Strategy

Many people think of ‘the Internet of Things’ as a technology of the future – e.g., if/when self-driving cars become commonplace. However, IoT projects and data are here now. In 451 Research surveys, a large number of enterprises say they already have IoT projects deployed or being tested. And this trend is pushing edge computing and the prevalence of edge strategies.

Millions of devices are generating data, and enterprises are dealing with questions about where to best analyze and store that data. In our surveys, 45% of enterprises are still storing and processing IoT data using in-house noncloud infrastructure. However, only 36% of respondents intend to still use in-house non-cloud infrastructure in two years. As firms evaluate where to store, process and analyze IoT workloads, they will need to keep various options
and factors in mind.

In a recent survey, enterprises were asked what the top factors were when determining where to process IoT workloads. More than half said security was the top factor, with cost and networking connections also ranking among top concerns.

This white paper, sponsored by Stream Data Centers, explores the case for colocation in enterprise edge IT strategy.

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