Beyond Greenwashing: The Connection Between Sustainability and Compliance

Sustainability has quickly become a top priority for the data center industry. As private and co-located data centers continue to grow, operators are faced with the challenge of establishing and measuring sustainability programs, and then communicating the results of their efforts to various stakeholders. Operators can choose from any number of standards and certifications to accomplish this incredibly complex task, including a number of International Organization Standardization (ISO) standards like ISO 50001, ISO 9001, ISO 30134, ISO 14064 or ISO 14001.

The standard or certification you choose will guide future decisions around continuous improvement and it will demonstrate your commitment to running a sustainable business. So, how do you know what’s the right path for your organization?

Register today, at no cost, for the webinar, “Beyond Greenwashing: The Connection Between Sustainability and Compliance,” scheduled for Wednesday, November 2 at 1 p.m. EST. 

Join Data Center Frontier’s Editor in Chief Rich Miller for an hour long webinar on Wednesday, November 2 at 1 p.m., when Rich will discuss how to go beyond greenwashing with Iron Mountain’s Jim Henry, Senior Risk & Compliance Manager and Chris Pennington, Director of Energy & Sustainability, Data Centers. During the webinar, they will explore a set of sustainability evaluation and reporting metrics and mechanisms. They’ll also demystify the major ISO sustainability standards.

During the webinar, attendees will:

  • Get expert insights on the best ways to build a framework for continuous improvement on your sustainability goals
  • Hear which standards are key to enhance your compliance framework for sustainability improvements
  • Find a great overview of all sustainability components and measurements and which ones stand out from the crowd and deserve your attention
  • Find out why transparency is key and how to put measurements into action when it comes to compliance for sustainability
  • There will be a live question and answer session during the event.

Don’t miss this live webinar and discussion on Wednesday, November 2. Register today for “Beyond Greenwashing: The Connection Between Sustainability and Compliance.” 

(Can’t make the live event?  Register now and get automatically notified when the session is available for ‘On Demand’ viewing.)

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