Strategies for Cloud Service Providers Adapting to Challenging, Demanding Environment

Strategies for Cloud Service Providers Adapting to Challenging, Demanding Environment

It may seem as if with each year, client demands for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are growing at a rapid pace. And a new eBook from the Siemon Company reiterates how in order to be successful, these companies need to be out in front of everything in their managed data center spaces – ensuring uptime, bandwidth, and operational/cost efficiency today, with the flexibility and scalability to adapt and expand on the fly.

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“Physical layer and infrastructure is the foundation on which those services are built, and choosing the right product solutions, topologies, and partners is a critical decision,” the new eBook states. 

Even before the global Coronavirus pandemic rocked 2020, the ever-growing digital applications and ever-increasing data and storage needs millions of small-to-medium businesses were increasingly entrusting their IT to MSPs.

In fact, even prior to the global coronavirus pandemic, the global managed service provider (MSP) market was going strong at a compound annual growth rate of about 12.5%, Siemon points out.

And like most every business cloud service providers have been impacted by the pandemic, as well. And as we know — even in the new year — it certainly doesn’t appear that companies will be going back to business as usual any time soon.

“Fortunately, the ‘new norm’ also means new opportunities and continued market growth for your essential services-as long as you have the right foundation,” Siemon points out in the new report.

“Whilst the importance of MSPs has never been clearer, it takes the right foundation to achieve continued growth and success during these challenging times. As an MSP, you need the ability to quickly and efficiently expand services without worrying that your network infrastructure can’t perform and scale without risk.” — Siemon Company

For example, whether your business is focused on a specific tech, or on a vertical market, you have likely experienced a wider range of requests from your customers over the past 12 months or so as they worked to support a shifting workforce as many industries saw employees move from in-office to remote work locations.

“With hundreds of remote employees spread out working from home, businesses suddenly had to deal with outdated home equipment, laptop shortages, hundreds of networks, and a greater need to protect data and maintain business continuity and application integrity,” the report reads. “Remote working, furloughs and shelter-at-home orders due to the pandemic have also driven a global increase in data traffic with e-commerce sales at an all-time high.”

This data center ebook from Siemon explores pro tips and best practices for physical layer strategies for cloud and managed service providers, from zone cabling in the colocation data center to high speed interconnects in the data center.

This new eBook  includes the following full tech briefs: 

  •  New Norm Means New Opportunities for MSPs 
  •  Point-to-Point: High Speed Interconnects in the Data Center 
  •  Master MTP Polarity Like a Pro 
  •  Zone Cabling in the Colocation Data Center 
  •  Managed Service Provider Data Center Solutions 

Download the full eBook, “Pro Tips and Best Practices: Physical Layer Strategies for Cloud/Managed Service Providers,” courtesy of Siemon Company, to further explore the latest tips and tools for today’s MSPs and colo experts. 

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