Six Top Concerns about Migrating from On-Prem to a Colocation Data Center

Data centers are bombarded with products and services daily that promise to magically make your business challenges disappear. And many colocation data centers presented themselves as a cure-all at some point in the past. Like any other possible option, of course, they can’t fix every issue that your business faces. 

However, you may find they are worth evaluating, considering the possible benefits your company may enjoy after migrating your data center from on-premise to a colocation facility. 

As Gartner stated in its research, “Colocation is often used as a replacement for traditional data centers, because it offers higher availability, reliability, certified building tier levels, energy efficiency, dedicated facilities management and the ability to scale.” 

Despite the data-backed benefits of colocation data centers, some companies are still resistant to change — and that’s what this new report aims to address.

This new white paper from NTT Global Data Centers takes a look at some of the most common worries making the move to use a colocation partner.

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