Hybrid Cloud

As enterprise workloads grow in complexity, where and how those workloads are processed continues to evolve. To meet the needs of their organizations, IT managers are leveraging the strengths of on-site data centers, cloud, and colocation by selecting the most appropriate tool for the application, workload and desired outcomes – rather than looking for a one size fits all solution. To keep up with demand, data centers have changed from being a centralized resource to one that incorporates colocation as well as public and hybrid cloud models.

A new special report from NTT explores why enterprises are building the most effective ecosystem for their needs by mixing and matching data center, cloud, and colocation. The report covers the strengths, benefits, limits, and challenges of each, as well as the impact of edge computing on the IT environment.

The report also looks at how different workloads are driving current and future compute needs. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are considered, as is anything-as-a-service, autonomous vehicles, finance, cryptocurrency, and real-time analytics. NTT also provides tips for how to make colocation solutions work for you.

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