Focus on What’s Important to Your Organization When Choosing a Data Center Provider

Focus on What’s Important to Your Organization When Choosing a Data Center Provider

In this increasingly data-driven world, protecting your clients’ and your own data is becoming increasingly important. That’s why choosing the right colocation partner to house, protect and connect critical IT infrastructure is a big decision.

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Iron Mountain pointed this out in a new report that explores how to choose the right data center provider for your business in today’s market.

“Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to differentiate between data centers,” the report shares. “At first glance, many data center partners may look the same, but dig a little deeper, and you’ll find significant differences in the services they offer, their green sustainability certifications, their security compliance certifications and their flexibility to offer custom-made solutions.”

So, how do you select the right colo partner? Simple, says Iron Mountain, “by focusing on what is important to your organization, both now and in the future.”

This will help you align yourself with a provider ” that speaks your language” and will help you on the way to your  business goals.

“Choose a data center partner that meets your specific needs for sustainability, security, location, scalability, compliance and connectivity.” — Iron Mountain

Choosing a colo partner is often a long-term commitment, and trust is key. Iron Mountain encourages businesses to look for a stable company with a long, successful track record of serving customers in top industries that offers the services you want and transparency in their operations.

“Make sure that they not only understand your current needs but can support your growth strategy for the future,” Iron Mountain writes.

It is also key to make sure your data center provider isn’t just reliant on a few tenants, and is financially stable.

Further, asking the right questions is crucial — something the new report explores in detail.

Specifically, the report explores the following  eight considerations, as well as targeted questions to ask that will help you choose the right colocation partner for your business:

  1. Partner with a trusted friend.
  2. Invest in sustainability.
  3. Review site security.
  4. Evaluate locations.
  5. Ensure platform scalability.
  6. Review demonstrated compliance & redundancy.
  7. Evaluate data center ecosystems.
  8. Assess data center services.

Download the full report, “How to Choose a Data Center Provider,” courtesy of Iron Mountain, to review eight considerations and related questions to review before choosing a data provider. 

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