GroGuru Launches Innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) Solution for Strategic Irrigation Management

GroGuru InSites delivers an unprecedented combination of power and simplicity into the hands of farmers and agronomic consultants

GroGuru, an innovator in precision agriculture and site-specific soil monitoring, announced that it has launched GroGuru InSites, its hardware and telemetry independent Software as a Service (SaaS) for strategic irrigation management. GroGuru InSites uses machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and a variety of moisture sensors to bring farmers and agronomic consultants a simple yet powerful irrigation decision support platform.

GroGuru InSites supports a variety of soil moisture sensors and telemetry systems which ultimately helps farmers more efficiently manage irrigation while saving energy, and optimally using labor to make more money by maximizing crop yield. Key inputs used by GroGuru InSites include, but are not limited to, soil moisture, stage of crop growth, weather forecast, and predicted crop water use to bring together a full irrigation scheduling suite.


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“GroGuru InSites delivers a simple, intuitive user interface to farmers and agronomic consultants that they can access on their computer, tablet or mobile device,” said Patrick Henry, President and CEO at GroGuru. “When coupled with the GroGuru WUGS [Wireless Underground System] solution, GroGuru InSites provides predictive, actionable, year-round strategic irrigation management decisions to maximize crop yield and quality, even in annual field crops, while optimizing input costs. In all instances, the power of the GroGuru InSites platform puts tremendous power at a farmer’s fingertips.”

GroGuru is building an ecosystem of partners to support crop modeling, weather forecasts, and a variety of sensor solutions. Ecosystem partners will provide agronomic inputs that will enable farmers and agronomic consultants to make the most educated decisions about irrigation management.

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Farmers and agronomic consultants agree about the value of GroGuru InSites:

“GroGuru InSites make moisture management fast, easy, and reliable,” said Grant Norwood, owner and operator of Norwood Farms. “The GroGuru InSites App allows me to see in real time field moisture and instantly advises me on actions needed. GroGuru InSites is as easy to understand as a traffic light using Green, Yellow, and Red to indicate available water to the crop. Water management decisions are quick and easy without the guess work using the GroGuru InSite app.”

“As an agronomic consultant, GroGuru InSites allows me to manage several farms remotely and gives me a very simple and scalable way to manage the recommendations to my farmer clients,” said Nich Kenny, P.E., Agricultural Engineer at NPK Ag. “When coupled with permanently installed soil moisture probes, like the GroGuru WUGS system, I can manage soil moisture information to support pre-water, pre-plant, and early crop decisions, manage all the way through harvest, and compare season-to-season water use within the field.  Over the course of the last two seasons, the savings in installation costs make the permanent probe less expensive as well.  Permanent probes are the preferred tool for soil moisture management, especially in broad acre row crops.”

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