Google Cloud Announces Availability of VMware Migration Tool in ANZ

Now as Google Cloud launched its VMware Migration tool in ANZ, the organizations will be capable to run the Google Cloud VMware Engine from Google’s Sydney cloud region. Google Cloud VMware Migration tool makes the migration of VMware workloads natively on Google Cloud fairly simple. It gives an integrated Google Cloud experience and robust VMware ecosystem solutions.

An Uncomplicated Method for VMware Migration

Since 12 October multi-region private cloud to private cloud connectivity is also accessible. Your project’s private clouds in various regions can automatically route traffic among those regions.

Google Cloud Australia and New Zealand vice president Mark Innes, stated,

VMware technologies are of utmost importance for several client’s enterprise IT environments. Hence, we are focused on providing clients an uncomplicated and efficient method that gives them the ability to run what they want, where they want, and how they want. And as part of our ongoing commitment to enterprise clients, this is a remarkable step forward, establishing the support that we have already added for the likes of SAP, Oracle, and Windows over the last year.

The Cloud Foundation, formed in 2018 is VMware’s bundle of all its products to build a hybrid cloud environment. The Cloud Foundation incorporates VSAN for software-defined storage, vSphere for compute virtualization, and NSX for network virtualization.

Later in mid-2019, the foundation added the Google Cloud component and in the same year, it acquired CloudSimple and gained a boost. Additionally, the Google Cloud VMware Engine is VMware Cloud Verified, the highest level of validation for VMware-based cloud services.

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