Converge Technology Solutions Achieves Cisco CX Specialization Status

Converge Technology Solutions Achieves Cisco CX Specialization Status

Converge Technology Solutions Corp. a national platform of regionally focused Hybrid IT solution providers in the U.S. and Canada, is pleased to announce it has achieved Cisco CX Specialization status. The Company has secured this status by demonstrating its technical abilities and by enabling its customers to accelerate innovation, reduce risks, and achieve better business outcomes faster.

In recent years, it has become increasingly important to enable customers with sustainable lifecycle practices, which remains particularly true of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. Traditional methods of replacing legacy infrastructure and software are not a sustainable IT approach, thus working closely with clients to identify their requirements and how well their technologies are serving them is pivotal in creating success. Converge has a very mature customer success practice that is tailored to help enhance the customer experience in partnership with key software vendors.  In addition to leveraging data from tools specifically designed to assist customers with their software adoption strategies, Converge can capitalize on the Cisco CX program by offering assessment-based services around Cisco products.

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“We are ready, willing, and able to offer analytics-driven, expert guidance to our customers so they can realize the full value of their Cisco solutions,” said Cory Reid, COO of Converge. “Using valuable insights from adoption and optimization tools, we can progress partnerships with our customers to build solutions that deliver on business-critical outcomes throughout the lifecycle of their Cisco products.”

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User experience has always been a major driver of the way we do business,” added Greg Berard, President of Converge. “Ensuring that our customers’ investments continue to exceed their expectations is paramount to maintaining trusted relationships, thereby setting them up for success.”

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