WeatherOptics To Use Otonomo’s Vehicle Data Platform To Amplify And Improve Weather Intelligence Software

WeatherOptics will leverage Otonomo’s clean, connected vehicle data to improve industry leading weather ETA software

Otonomo Technologies, a leading provider of a pioneering vehicle data platform and marketplace,  announced partnership with WeatherOptics, a weather intelligence leader in the supply chain and logistics space. The collaboration will allow WeatherOptics to further improve its suite of industry-disrupting weather intelligence products by using Otonomo’s ground-truth vehicle data to verify and predict the impact of weather on shipment delays.

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New York-based WeatherOptics is focused on increasing supply chain visibility by using weather data, non-weather data, and ground truth impact to understand how weather affects transportation operations in different parts of the country and world. WeatherOptics works with some of the largest shippers and supply chain software companies in the US to help them predict and mitigate trucking delays and accidents. During the severe winter season of 2020-2021, WeatherOptics’ data-driven insights reduced shipment delay costs by 40% and increased ETA accuracy by up to 60% for their customers.


WeatherOptics To Use Otonomo’s Vehicle Data Platform To Amplify And Improve Weather Intelligence Software 1

WeatherOptics, via Otonomo’s straightforward API, was able to start consuming and leveraging Otonomo’s rich vehicle data in a few short days. With broad access to Otonomo’s clean and normalized embedded car data collected from multiple OEMs, WeatherOptics will be able to continually improve its predictive data across the entire U.S., further verifying ETA accuracy, and thus achieving its core business goal more efficiently.

“WeatherOptics data is unique in that it tells customers a story that can lead to quicker action instead of just leaving them with numbers and symbols. With Otonomo’s data this story will become richer,” says Scott Pecoriello, Founder and CEO at WeatherOptics. “We will understand the true impact of weather on vehicle speed and performance at a high-volume scale. We plan to use close to 80 million points of data to continue making sure we are the most accurate and actionable weather provider on the market. With Otonomo, we will be able to offer our customers deeper insights into vehicle performance during high impact weather events.”


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“Otonomo strives to establish itself as the leading global source of broad quality data for the auto-tech and related industries, and our partnership with WeatherOptics is a step in that direction. When we created Otonomo, we set out with the belief that our data will be applicable across many verticals and functions. In this specific use-case, our data will be leveraged to improve ground shipments and by extension, road safety,” said Ben Volkow, CEO of Otonomo. “WeatherOptics’ choosing us proves the immense value our marketplace brings to different industries.”

This news follows Otonomo’s announcement on February 1, 2021, that it entered into a definitive agreement with Software Acquisition Group, Inc. II (Nasdaq: SAII), which would result in Otonomo becoming a publicly listed company. The combined Company will retain the Otonomo Technologies, Ltd. name, and its ordinary shares are expected to be listed on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol ” OTMO”.

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