Tips for the new GoDaddy Domain Manager

Tips for the new GoDaddy Domain Manager

Sorry, the old domain manager is gone. Here are some tips for using the new domain manager.

GoDaddy customers have had access to the company’s “new” domain manager for quite some time now. But this past week the company removed access to its old account manager, forcing customers to use the latest dashboard.

So customers that still relied on the old view are now stuck using the new one. Like anything, change is hard. Here are a few tips to make it easier to manage your domains with the new dashboard.

Bulk search

Much like the old interface, the new interface lets you pull up multiple domain names at a time to perform tasks on them. The way you select the domains is very different in the new one, however.

To bulk search your portfolio, paste a list of domains in the search bar. Either leave one space between each domain or paste a text list of domains, one per line. This will show the selected domains only. Note: do not put commas between domains.

Edit columns

Each domain is listed with pertinent data. You can select which columns you want to view by clicking on “Edit Columns”. One nice option here is “create date,” which shows when the domain was first registered based on Whois.

Other helpful columns include nameservers (quickly see if a domain is pointing to the wrong place), ownership date (shows when you acquired the domain) and renewal price (especially handy if you own a lot of different TLDs).


The filter option located to the right of Edit Columns lets you limit your list of domains based on certain parameters. A good example is to find only domains expiring in the next month. While you can sort your domains by expiration date, filtering makes it easier to view only the domains you need to review.×300.jpg 230w” sizes=”(max-width: 531px) 100vw, 531px”>

Contact changes tip

One frustrating thing with the new domain manager is how you accept internal transfers. If someone transfers ten domains from their GoDaddy account to yours, the system asks you to change your contact details one domain at a time rather than applying one change to all domains.

There is a workaround to this, however. Rather than changing the contact details when you accept the domains, go ahead and accept all of the domains as is. Once they are in your account, do a bulk update to change the ownership information for all of the domains at once.

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