Here’s a rhyming table for 5-9 for numeric domains

Here’s a rhyming table for 5-9 for numeric domains

Kassey Lee shares his rhyming tables for numeric domains that can be used to find meaning in China.

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This is the second part of the entire rhyming table that I’ve developed. It covers the numbers from 5 to 9. For meanings of numbers from 0 to 4, please refer to Part 1.

Here are some of my thoughts regarding the rhyming table.

  • The table lists only one meaning for each entry, but often multiple meanings are possible. For example, Wan (玩) has 7 meanings according to Yabla.
  • Rhyming is a creative process, so other domain investors may have developed different rhyming tables.
  • Rhyming works reasonably well up to 4N, then it becomes increasingly difficult as the number becomes longer.

Number: 5

Pinyin Chinese Meaning
Wan Play
Wang Net
Wen Kiss
Wo Me
Wo Group
Wu Do not
Wu Mistake
Wu Dirty
Wu No
Wu Comprehend
Wu Business
Wu Five
Wu House
Wu Fog
Wu None
Wu Martial
Wu Thing
Wu Dance
Wu Sobbing Sound

Number: 6

Pinyin Chinese Meaning
Lai Come
Le Fun
Liao Understand clearly
Liu Stroll
Liu Flow
Liu Willow
Liu Six
Liu Slip away
Liu Stay
Lou Storied building
Lu Road
Lu Record
Niu Cow

Number: 7

Pinyin Chinese Meaning
Chi Eat
Ji Opportunity
Qi Flag
Qi Enterprise
Qi Start
Qi Wonder
Qi Seven
Qi Wife
Qi Neat
Qi Chess
Qi Gas
Qi Rise
Qi Ride
Qin Kiss
Qing Passion
Qu Fun
Qu Go

Number: 8

Pinyin Chinese Meaning
Ba Bar
Ba Hegemon
Ba Father
Ba Pull up
Ba Stop
Ba Scar
Ba Target
Ba Handle
Ba Eight
Bai Hundred
Bai Bye
Ban Accompany
Ban Manage
Ban Half
Bang Help
Bao Report
Bao Hug
Fa Making a fortune

Number: 9

Pinyin Chinese Meaning
Jiu Wine
Jiu Old
Jiu Rescue
Jiu Undertake
Jiu Nine
Jiu Long time
Jiu Moxibustion
Jiu Remorse
Jiu Maternal uncle
Jiu Fault
Jiu Leek
Jiu Entangle
Jiu Investigate

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