DCF Webinar: What it Takes to Build the ‘Digital Tomorrow’

There are many words that could be used to describe the 2020 year so far, and one of those is — uncertain. This uncertainty has ramped up new demands for leaders in the tech space, including remote workforces and new requirements for digital infrastructure — and network traffic increases putting strain on infrastructure have been widespread.  A new live webinar scheduled for next week will focus on new approaches the tech and data industry are taking to tackle these ramped up demands in an ever-changing environment.

Bill Kleyman of Switch delivers the keynote address Wednesday at Data Center World in Phoenix. (Photo: Rich Miller)

Bill Kleyman EVP of Digital Solutions and Contributing Editor at Switch Data Centers (Photo: Rich Miller)

The upcoming Data Center Frontier webinar, titled “What it Takes to Build the Digital Tomorrow,”  is scheduled for September 30, from 2-3 p.m. ET. Registration is open for this free webinar. The online event will feature speakers from Data Center Frontier and Switch Data Centers.

But although this year has been challenging,  there is one thing the tech industry is know for, and that’s innovation. But creating human-centric technology solutions is no easy task, requiring ingenuity, creativity, and a lot of thought leadership.

And data centers and related infrastructure is as critical as ever. According to the AFCOM State of the Data Center 2020 update, the total number of data centers jumped up by 5%, while the biggest jump came from companies looking to build 5-9 new locations.

“All of those working with technologies in an uncertain world need to be sure that the solutions they’re relying on won’t fail. In fact, in some cases, lives depend on it,” Rich Miller, Data Center Frontier Editor in Chief pointed out, who will also be a speaker on the upcoming webinar.   “Most recently, leaders in the technology space across all verticals have expanded their areas of focus to more markets, solutions, and better ways they can positively impact the world.”

Miller will be joined by Executive Vice President of Strategy  at Switch Data Centers Adam Kramer, Dr. Quinn Pauly MD, Chief Medical Officer at Switch,  and Bill Kleyman EVP of Digital Solutions at Switch and a regular Contributor to Data Center Frontier. 

The webinar will hone in on healthcare, connectivity, and sustainability initiatives, and real-world solutions that are impacting latency, healthcare infrastructure, and the future of sustainable digital architecture.

data center frontier webinar

Rich Miller, Editor-in-Chief, Data Center Frontier

Register for the Sept. 30 webinar, “What it Takes to Build the Digital Tomorrow.”

Next week, this group of thought leaders will discuss approaches to the following concerns, in particular:

  • Improving sustainability and uptime including an exclusive look at Switch’s innovative solar and battery storage array
  • How to overcomes latency issues associated with a more distributed workforce
  • We’ll look at how the data center industry is helping industries like healthcare providers adapt to new normal and deliver life-changing telemedicine capabilities

Top strategic technology trends of 2020 will also be highlighted, including hyper automation, multi experience, human augmentation, edge computing, the distributed cloud and much more.

Registration for the “What it Takes to Build the Digital Tomorrow,” webinar can be completed here. 

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