Cloud-Based Gaming Company Case Study

A new white paper from Aligned presents a case study of their multi-year colocation partnership with a global cloud-based gaming company. The report outlines the challenges presented by the client, the solutions provided by Aligned, and three of the key business results achieved by the partnership.

Cloud-Based Gaming Company Case Study 2

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Aligned’s cloud-based gaming client offers players a graphics driven, immersive gaming experience. A subsidiary of a “global leader in consumer-based computer entertainment,” the client enlisted an advisory and consulting firm to conduct a search for a partner that could improve their gamers’ real-time online experience. This vendor would also need to deliver flexible solutions quickly, provide uninterrupted service during peak hours, and scale with the game’s business. Lastly, the client required “adaptive cooling technology that drove efficiencies which resulted in a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) during times of lower usage or off-peak hours.” According to the report, the gaming company ultimately partnered with Aligned because of its flexible solutions, mixed density footprints, and its centrally located data center in Dallas, Texas.

The report goes on to explain how the high speed connectivity at Aligned’s Dallas facility exceeded their client’s expectations by providing “unimpeded data transmission to end-users throughout the [South and Midwest], reducing latency and bolstering streaming quality.”

“Our patented infrastructure technology can continuously improve performance and surpasses the global cloud-based gaming company’s standards and high-density storage requirements during regular, peak and high-traffic hours.” Cloud-Based Gaming Company Case Study, Aligned

Aligned concludes that the speed of their delivery allowed the client to “implement business-as-usual practices without delay,” while their Delta3 cooling system supports the client’s system demands. The report also explains the environmental benefits of Aligned’s infrastructure technology systems, which are designed to reduce “material and natural resource consumption.”

Download the full report, Cloud-Based Gaming Company Case Study to learn more about how Aligned’s technology helped this cloud-based gaming company future proofed its gaming platform.

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