How Virtual Interconnection Supports Distributed Digital Business

The rapid pace of digital transformation, along with the growth of service-as-a-software, edge computing, intelligent devices, real-time analytics, and high speed networks show us that the future of business is going to be decentralized and distributed, but also constantly connected. This is why interconnection is the colocation industry’s fastest growing segment. Virtual interconnection services are growing in popularity because they can facilitate that decentralized business model by spreading out computing resources and providing the ability to program or instantly manage those resources.

A new special report from DataBank shares insights on why virtual interconnections are the future of software-driven IT infrastructure. The report first explores legacy IT infrastructure and how it’s an impediment for distributed organizations. The report then sets the stage for the future, which virtual and software driven.

DataBank challenges readers of the special report to rethink interconnection by explaining what the relatively new technology of virtual interconnection is and why it will be an important part of the future’s distributed infrastructure.

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