Government Data Center Challenges Include Balancing Modernization and Servicing Imperatives

Data center management challenges are mounting for federal and state government agency tech teams. These challenges are forcing many to decide whether to modernize or service infrastructure. And in addition to closing legacy data centers, agencies also have the responsibility to meet updated data center optimization targets for virtualization, advanced energy metering and more.

Government Data Center

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That’s according to a new report from Vertiv that explores how to tackle some of these same challenges.

The new white paper is designed to  help federal and state agency decision makers in government data centers, including data center operations, IT, facilities and desktop technology managers, and communications room operators, consider whether to service new and existing equipment.

“Proactive servicing can help agencies meet modernization imperatives, achieve efficiency objectives and extend the lifespan of their infrastructures,” Vertiv points out.

Further, federal agencies often struggle to  meet the mandates of the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) of 2016, according to the report, which was built on the previous Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) of 2010.

Challenges for government data centers were compounded recently, too, during the pandemic, as remote work pressures and remote work security risks came front and center.

“The nation is conducting the largest work-from-home experiment, placing enormous stress on infrastructure, with the need to scale remote access, bandwidth and services, while ensuring round-the-clock availability and reliability,” Vertiv said.

As government data centers explore whether to modernize or service, Vertiv asks, why not both? Amid this difficult climate, as agencies are planning their next budget cycle, Vertiv contends many agencies will benefit from doing both, as pandemic-related strain on infrastructures have likely pushed modernization efforts to the forefront.

In the new report, Vertiv explores the different ways government data centers can service new and existing assets and how this helps them achieve their mission. The white paper includes information on the following for government data centers:

  • Installation of new products (including modular, containerized data centers)
  • Configuration of devices on-site
  •  Support for in-flight projects
  •  Aftermarket maintenance and support
  •  Software support

Get the full report, “Federal and State Government Data Centers: Balancing Modernization and Servicing Imperatives,” courtesy of Vertiv, to learn more  about how government agencies can address today’s data challenges. 

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