Senior Living Communities Gain Opportunity to Increase Occupancy

Senior Living Communities Gain Opportunity to Increase Occupancy

Occupancy.AI is a stand-alone powerful web platform for senior living providers and communities, offering a unique tool that leverages big data to increase occupancy along with advanced analytics that improves market share.

Occupancy.AI announces the launch of its Software as a Service (SaaS) Martech intuitive cloud solution that enables providers of senior living communities to increase their occupancy proactively. The platform resources big data empowered with artificial intelligence providing robust prospect locating and in-depth actionable dossiers. Occupancy.AI provides sophisticated prospect-to-community matching and continuous data intelligence about your competitors leading to invaluable insights into the competitive landscape, providing an unmatched market advantage.

The Occupancy.AI platform is tailored to all sizes of senior housing communities to include independent living, assisted living, memory support, active adult communities, and residential care homes. The client-centered web interface design provides an intuitive onboarding process with intuitive data visualization for ease of use. No training or CRM is required as all the work is done for you in the aggregation and presentation of information, providing more time to engage prospects and increase sales.

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Occupancy.AI crawls over 10 billion touchpoints of data comprised of over 560 million databases to provide up to 210 unique, in-depth attributes and insights on each prospect. Our platform learns the traits of prospects that have chosen your community and proceeds to seek out prospects with similar traits, desires, priorities, and passions. Occupancy.AI allows your sales team to contact each prospect with a crafted message based on the unique characteristics of every single potential resident. The robust platform also delivers continuous real-time intelligence in your competitive market to drive internal strategy and provide a better understanding of your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses in product, market position, and marketing campaigns, providing another unparalleled advantage.

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“Understanding your prospect with Occupancy.AI is an easy, simple interaction.  However, understanding your competition is not easy; it’s vital,” said co-founder Tom Hoskins.  “Today’s rapidly changing market and competitive offerings require a community to be informed and dynamically responsive in marketing and sales. Occupancy.AI gives you this with its ability to provide invaluable insights and relationships that can have profound impacts on ensuring your marketing and sales success.”

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