Oracle is Shifting its Headquarters to Texas

Silicon Valley tech giant, Oracle declared that it is shifting its headquarters to Texas. Along with Oracle, tech companies HPE and Tesla are also planning to shift to Texas. The decision was announced soon after California’s poor handling of stay-at-home order.

Silicon Hills

Austin or better known as Silicon Hills is already home to several tech companies and it is enticing more and more companies and firms with each passing day. Oracle additionally declared that most of its employees will have the flexibility to either pick their office location or can work from home.

Oracle additionally said that it will be deploying a more flexible employee work location policy and has changed its Corporate Headquarters from Redwood City, California to Austin, Texas. Oracle believes this journey best position Oracle for growth and offers their personnel more adaptability regarding where and how they work.

Besides this, the company said that it will continue to support significant hubs for Oracle across the globe, including the hubs in the United States: Austin, Santa Monica, Seattle, Redwood City, Denver, Orlando, and Burlington, amidst others. In the future, they expect to add more further locations. Moreover, with the implementation of a more modern perspective to work they anticipate additionally enhance their client’s quality of life and quality of output.

The company, Oracle has always been a strategic technology associate of the U.S Government. In fact, the name was procured from a 1977 CIA project, and the agency was the organization’s chief client. Currently, Oracle Government Cloud Services are used by eight of the top 10 federal agencies by budget, all four branches of the US military, and 36 states.

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