Lumina Announces Release of R3 Risk Reporting Service

Lumina Announces Release of R3 Risk Reporting Service

Tampa-based Lumina is a specialty AI company that provides customers with tools and data for recurring, open-source internet search processes. Lumina’s SaaS platform Radiance employs specialty artificial intelligence to search, ingest, and filter data across the internet at unmatched speed and scale.  Lumina announced the launch of its Risk Reporting service R3. The Lumina R3 is an AI-generated report that provides purchasers with comprehensive search results surrounding individuals and co-occurring data that may indicate risk or threat to or from that individual. R3 reports are currently available in three configurations: Security Clearance Continuous Monitoring, Insider Threat and Reputation Risk, and Know Your Customer (KYC) Risk for financial institutions. The content in an R3 report is equivalent to up to thirteen analyst-years of search, depending on the R3 configuration employed.

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“The R3 fills a need across many use cases for vetting individuals and entities,” said Allan Martin, CEO and chairman of Lumina. “Background checks are valuable. Credit reports are valuable. But both are insufficient for identifying risk and threat data that is readily available on the internet. We are hopeful that in time, the R3 will be universally adopted alongside the background check and credit report as the third step in due diligence surrounding risks related to employees, contractors, and customers.”

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Daniel Ward, vice president of software engineering, added, “R3 represents the cumulative successes of six years of development in an easy-to-purchase package. We are excited to put this powerful technology into the hands of the largest audience we have ever been able to address.”

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