Locafy Releases Upgraded Proprietary Website Technology

Locafy Releases Upgraded Proprietary Website Technology

 Locafy Limited a globally recognized software-as-a-service technology company specializing in local search engine marketing, announced that the Company has deployed a full-scale, entity-based upgrade to its core local search engine marketing and optimization technology.

Since its Proximity Network software was first introduced in the fiscal fourth quarter of 2021, Locafy’s broader automated SEO approach has prioritized back-end webpage structure technology. Locafy continues to strive to ensure that its pages perform most effectively for the variables that search engines weight most heavily, providing meaningful ranking results for its customers.

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As machine-learning and AI-based technologies begin to influence the landscape of search and SEO, search engines are shifting to prioritizing “entities” as opposed to traditional keywords. With this trend in mind, Locafy has developed cutting-edge entity-based SEO technologies. Built by Locafy Global Head of Search Technology Jimmy Kelley, known within the SEO industry as a thought-leader and SEO “guru,” this upgrade enhances Locafy webpages to more effectively allow local businesses to rank for multiple relevant keywords in their local service area.

Now that this upgrade is available, Locafy’s software directly applies entity-based technology into its legacy local SEO solutions. For example, website templates can now be applied to target any keyword in any geographical location, and are structurally locked to enable automated deployment, minimize human error, and shorten the time required to drive results. These automated webpage designs are fast-loading, high-performing, and accessible, and they also look the part, designed to match graphics and presentation standards of official brand websites.

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“By integrating what we believe to be the most advanced entity-based SEO software directly into our solutions, we can provide our clients with an advantage in a dynamic search environment,” said Locafy CEO Gavin Burnett. “This era is becoming more and more defined by machine-learning and AI, forcing search engines to develop new strategies for effectively determining real from fake. Our team has been indexing these changes for several quarters, and we’re confident that our proprietary website structuring technology can help our SEO clients be prepared for a changing landscape. This is an exciting time for us, and we look forward to completing our platform transition so that our clients can begin benefitting fully from this upgrade.”

Locafy has already started deploying new campaigns on this upgraded technology and has begun the process of migrating the hundreds of existing campaigns to this framework. The transition is expected to be complete by the end of fiscal Q4 2023. Beyond local search applications, Locafy management hopes to expand this technology to national and franchise solutions in the future.

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