Enji Launches Marketing Strategy Software Solution for Small Businesses

Enji Launches Marketing Strategy Software Solution for Small Businesses

Tech startup Enji launched its flagship SaaS application, introducing the first-ever marketing strategy and implementation platform for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs. Co-founded by Tayler Cusick Hollman of TAYLRD Media and Designs and Owen Shaw of Nukona, Enji is designed to make marketing manageable for small businesses.

“Not every business has the means nor the desire to hire a marketing agency, but that doesn’t mean they should miss out on the benefits of having a robust marketing strategy tailored to their brand,” shares Cusick Hollman. “Enji makes marketing easy and accessible for small businesses, leveling the playing field for brands of all sizes.”


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New Enji users have access to a collaborative platform to build a shared marketing calendar, delegate tasks, track metrics and manage multiple marketing campaigns simultaneously. What sets Enji apart, though, is its focus on marketing strategy. Small business owners complete a straight-forward questionnaire, and based on their responses, are provided with a customized marketing strategy that informs all the recommendations they receive throughout the platform. Having these marketing-critical features in one place is a first-of-its-kind software as a service and a powerful opportunity for small businesses to level the playing field with their marketing efforts.

Enji also serves as a central location for storing brand assets, including logos, fonts, images, and color palettes. Once stored, the software makes it easy to create a brand style guide and media kit for fast sharing with media, events, partners, and other key stakeholders.

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“We know how busy it gets running a small business, so we want to take the heavy lifting out of marketing,” explains Shaw. “We developed Enji as the solution for entrepreneurs who want control over their marketing approach but feel unqualified or don’t have experience with it.”

Going forward, Enji users can expect new features will be added to the platform—those features will focus on what small business owners need to effectively balance running their businesses and marketing it.

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