Enigma Announces Expanded Sales and Marketing Data Platform With Unparalleled Nationwide Coverage of SMBs

Enigma Announces Expanded Sales and Marketing Data Platform With Unparalleled Nationwide Coverage of SMBs

Enigma, a data science company that provides a complete and dynamic view of the financial health and identity of U.S. businesses,unveiled its new Sales and Marketing data platform.

The platform marks Enigma’s continued growth and commitment to providing the most accurate data about small and medium businesses (SMBs). Since 2020, Enigma has seen an 8x increase in its customer base and has expanded its suite of SMB data to include additional transaction-level intelligence such as ecommerce activity, refunds, payments technographics, and seasonality.

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“Dynamic and real-world financial data about SMBs and private companies is critical for successful sales and marketing success. The ability to differentiate a $100,000 annual revenue business from a $1,000,000 one, and to understand whether it is on track to grow, can supercharge marketing efforts,” said Charles Zhu, VP of Product at Enigma.


All Enigma customers can now access near-real-time revenue intelligence, detailed firmographics, technographics, and contacts for millions of small and medium businesses. Early customers found that these insights increased the conversion on their marketing and growth campaigns by 200% to 300%.

Unique features of Enigma’s data platform include:

  • Real revenues: Business revenues built from our proprietary credit and debit card panel, the largest in the U.S. This enables customers to access transaction-level intelligence about a small business, like payment processing systems used, refunds, ticket size, and more.
  • Dynamic updates: Instant visibility into the ever-changing financial and operating health of a business. This includes monthly updated growth trajectory and trends, continuously updated contacts, and alerts about key financial events in a business’s life cycle.
  • Unparalleled SMB coverage: Enigma draws from hundreds of major public and private data sources, leveraging our entity resolution technologies to create a rich, unified profile of a business. Enigma is the industry leader in coverage of consumer-facing and card-accepting private businesses, providing coverage of the long-tail of small businesses.

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Enigma’s proprietary machine learning algorithms unite hundreds of public and private sources, covering into robust business profiles, covering the long-tail of small businesses and as much as 70% of mid-size businesses, offering over 30 million contacts.


The constantly refreshing contact data will include titles, phones, addresses, and emails. In addition, customers are able to leverage Enigma’s proprietary Machine Learning technology to identify their most promising leads based on timing, firmographics, and financials.

Rob Hewitt, Commercial Director at Phorest, a vertical SaaS company serving the salon industry, highlighted how Enigma’s data enabled Phorest to find and engage with top salons across all markets.

“Enigma Sales and Marketing helps our team identify the top prospects that match our ideal customer profile. Using Enigma’s data about business financial health and granular industry classifications, we’ve been able to optimize our prospecting efforts to boost conversions and grow our customer base,” said Hewitt.

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