EditShare and Blackbird Partnership Expands Cloud Video Editing Workflows

EditShare and Blackbird Partnership Expands Cloud Video Editing Workflows

EditShare and Blackbird have joined forces to give media professionals more options when it comes to collaborating and editing video in the cloud. The integrated solution combines EditShare’s EFS scalable storage, FLOW media management, and open APIs with Blackbird’s cloud video editing and publishing platform. Optimized for both speed and mobility, Blackbird and EditShare connect users into the wider media ecosystem, making content of all types located across storage pools accessible in the proper formats for rapid editing and delivery to multiple platforms and channels.

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EditShare CEO Conrad Clemson comments: “Cloud-based remote collaboration is no longer merely a “nice to have” but a necessity. Video production teams have rapidly pivoted their workflows to take advantage of the cloud’s scalability, flexibility and mobility. The combination of Blackbird and EditShare delivers added value to customers wanting to incorporate quick turnaround editing into a greater production workflow.”

Blackbird CEO Ian McDonough said: “Our exciting new partnership with EditShare is a great example of industry specialists building interoperable end to end solutions. Media assets stored and managed by EditShare solutions can now be accessed directly through Blackbird’s browser interface where they can be professionally edited and passed back or published.”

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FLOW is EditShare’s media orchestration layer, with enterprise strength media management and automation. Built on a vertically integrated technology stack, it allows editors access to their media, wherever it is, and in any format. Fully proven in high pressure production environments, FLOW’s open APIs and media-engineered core make it ideal for fast and close integration with other great products.

EFS scalable storage enables media organizations to build extensive collaborative workflows on premise, in the cloud, or in hybrid installations, shielding creative personnel from the underlying technical complexity while equipping administrators and technicians with a comprehensive set of storage management tools. For Blackbird editors, EFS is a fast and flexible collaborative storage solution with best-in-class project sharing.

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