Curios NFT Platform Elevates Digital Collectibles With New Branding and User Experiences

Curios NFT Platform Elevates Digital Collectibles With New Branding and User Experiences

Curios has completed and launched a complete visual and messaging rebrand. This includes a new logo, new visual branding, new messaging, a new website and new user interfaces for their NFT Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform.

Curios has made significant traction as a one-year-old company, and determined it was time for a visual. Their first NFT marketplace launched was in July of 2021, and in just 8 short months is now boasting thousands of marketplace licenses with over 1.1 million NFTs sold.

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According to Grant Powell, founder of Curios, “The original brand and messaging was conceptualized in a very short amount of time. And, being a major player in Blockchain and Metaverse technologies, our branding was not doing its job of portraying the mission of the company.”

As a product-first company, Curios has focused on delivering industry-changing technologies to the NFT space, foregoing some of the time-intensive branding and marketing efforts most companies prioritize instead.

Curios believes that the rebranding exercise was an important step in making the company’s vision and purpose clear to existing customers and community, as well as the rest of the world. That vision being, quite simply, to offer the easiest way to mint, sell, purchase and collect NFTs – no blockchain, cryptocurrency or Web3 expertise required.

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Curios describes itself as a “user-first” company, with its guiding principle of building simple, easy-to-use experiences. Curios reports that their familiar e-commerce user interfaces help their customers increase their NFT sales by 400-500%.

Curios is the “KEY TO THE METAVERSE”…

Curios’ product and branding has evolved, but its mission has remained the same since day one – make it easy for anyone to transact and interact with Blockchain and Metaverse technologies. Curios has delivered on that mission through its core product offerings including:

  • Credit Card Payments for NFTs
  • Custodial Wallet for NFTs
  • NFT Minting API
  • Web Dashboard
  • Multi-Chain Support
  • White Label NFT Marketplace
  • And much more…

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