Chili Piper Aims to Overtake Calendly Among Revenue Reps With the First Meeting Automation Tool and New Spicy Offering

Chili Piper Aims to Overtake Calendly Among Revenue Reps With the First Meeting Automation Tool and New Spicy Offering

Latest product release introduces new Free and Spicy offerings for revenue teams with more robust booking links than Calendly and the first ever meeting automation solution for reps, allowing teams to automate and track every buyer interaction in their CRM

Chili Piper, the leader in Inbound Revenue Acceleration, announced the expansion of Chili Meetings, its meeting automation platform for revenue teams.

Chili Piper has become synonymous with instant lead conversion, helping revenue teams double inbound conversion rates with its Concierge scheduling solution. This new release introduces Free and Spicy plans, including the first ever meeting automation tool for reps, Instant Booker. Customers have booked nearly six million meetings to-date with Chili Piper.


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Instant Booker makes it fast and easy for sales, customer success and support reps to book meetings in seconds from Google Calendar, Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, Outreach, Salesloft, and more – complete with automated invites, reminders, rescheduling and CRM actions.

Chili Piper improves upon the standard booking link introduced by Calendly, with one-click booking, automated signatures and personal pages that make it easier for customers to book time on a rep’s calendar.

“We switched all our business units from Calendly to Chili Piper primarily because of the Salesforce integration and the streamlined user experience when scheduling handoff meetings for our prospects and clients,” said Madeline Anderson, Business Operations Administrator at Buildertrend. “Now instead of just using booking links, the new Spicy license gives our team multiple ways to schedule meetings and stay connected to our customers.”

As the only automated scheduling solution allowing both customers and reps to book meetings, Chili Meetings offers the unique benefit of capturing every buyer interaction in Salesforce, giving RevOps leaders greater piece of mind and accurate reporting.

“It’s been really helpful in removing friction from our revenue team members’ days, just being able to schedule something much more easily from a number of different sources,” said Denis Malkov, Director of Revenue Operations at PandaDoc. “So whether they’re working in Salesforce, in their Chrome browser, or their Gmail account, they can get to Chili Piper through Instant Booker and get onto a customer’s calendar very fast.”

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Chili Meetings is now available in a “Spicy” version for $15 per user per month with a 14-day free trial. In addition, Chili Piper’s individual booking tools are now available without a CRM integration in its “Free” version.

Both Free and Spicy offerings help revenue professionals automate the process of booking individual or group meetings from a variety of business tools, making it easier to connect with customers:

  • Use Suggested Times to book 13x more meetings with simple one-click scheduling
  • Use Instant Booker to book automated, templated meetings from any screen in seconds
  • Use Smart Email Signatures to offer easy one-click scheduling in every email
  • Use Personal Pages to share your availability and connect with the world

Chili Meeting’s two-way CRM integrations give you ultimate flexibility and control to build custom CRM workflows for specific teams and meeting types:

  • Create new leads and contacts
  • Create new events, related to accounts, cases or opps
  • Track and update meetings held, rescheduled, and cancelled
  • Pull CRM data into dynamic meeting templates and reminders

“Until today, revenue professionals had to use the same tools, Google Calendar or Outlook, as my 90 year old mother,” said Nicolas Vandenberghe, CEO of Chili Piper. “With Chili Piper Spicy, a meeting is now much more than an entry in a database. It comes with templated invites, reminders, easy ways to schedule and reschedule, automated capture in CRMs and follow up workflows. It’s time for the digital transformation of sales!”

“The “Invite All” feature is a game-changer for us in increasing user adoption, reducing redundancy and improving sales productivity with Chili Piper,” said Jennifer A. Hollingsworth, Social Media Digital Marketing Specialist at Kaon Interactive, Inc. “As a B2B company selling into enterprise-level B2B companies, most buying decisions are by committee — meaning most sales meetings, throughout the sales cycle, are held with multiple stakeholders. Hence, this seemingly tiny feature was a huge sticking point for our sales people. They expressed “great joy and gratitude” at the launch of this feature.”

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