airSlate Launches No-Code Business Automation for Salesforce

airSlate Launches No-Code Business Automation for Salesforce

Boston-based airSlate delivers its business automation solution to expand the already powerful capabilities of the Salesforce ecosystem

2020 was the year when the absolute majority of remote workplaces around the world were subject to digital disruption. E-signing, online contract negotiation, and workflow automation quickly became the new normal for all businesses. airSlate is paving the way further for this digital transition with the launch of its no-code, easily configurable integration for the world’s #1 CRM system — Salesforce.

The initial idea behind the airSlate integration for Salesforce was to make routine document-related tasks fully automated, no matter how complex they are and/or how many participants they involve. The integration relies on the use of no-code airSlate Bots — cross-platform software robots designed to configure and automate workflows following simple ‘if-this-then-that’ logic.


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The key competitive advantage of airSlate, both standalone and in integrations, is that it delivers multiple solutions in a single package. Under the hood of airSlate, users will find an advanced document generation tool, a form-builder, a collection of premade web forms, workflows for online contract negotiation, an e-signature tool, a PDF editor, integrated payment forms, and hundreds of no-code Bots, all in one package, and for the fair price of one comprehensive solution.

“Managing multiple business processes while working from home can be a real burden. For this very reason, in 2020 we witnessed a rapidly growing demand for automating some of the most standard tasks and workflows. Our latest integration provides Salesforce users with a single seamless point of control for managing every workflow at the same time,” says Eugene Gorelik, Vice President of Engineering at airSlate.

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Examples of routine tasks and workflows that Salesforce users can fully automate with the airSlate no-code integration include:

  • Generating actionable documents pre-filled with Salesforce data
  • Conditional routing of documents between both internal and external recipients
  • Automating the creation of new Salesforce records using data entered into a document’s fillable fields
  • Automating updates for pre-existing Salesforce records
  • Triggering actions in Salesforce based on the actionable data in documents

“airSlate for Salesforce is part of our larger effort to re-define what an integration essentially is. Today we are witnessing the rapid growth in awareness for no-code citizen development. Businesses across the world have come to realize that cross-platform integrations can and should be seamless, effortless, flexible to reconfigure and most importantly – they should not cost a fortune. This is exactly what airSlate is offering,” sums up Borya Shakhnovich, CEO and co-founder of airSlate.

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