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July 2019

Empty the Cookie Jar! [How to Delete Cookies]

You know how when you open a new website a window pops up asking you to accept cookies, the non-edible kind? Have you ever wondered what those are and why everyone shoves them in your face? Today you will learn… Continue Reading →

Tips for the new GoDaddy Domain Manager

Sorry, the old domain manager is gone. Here are some tips for using the new domain manager. GoDaddy customers have had access to the company’s “new” domain manager for quite some time now. But this past week the company removed… Continue Reading →

Shopify Statistics – Data about the Most Popular E-commerce Platform

“You’ve got the will. We’ve got the way” is Shopify’s motto. Simple and motivating. If you want to do business, but lack the tools – Shopify is your new best friend. No, not Spotify, SHOPify. Yep, today’s topic is Shopify… Continue Reading →

Big Data Stats for the Big Future Ahead

Your cat’s birthday is in a few days and you are looking online for a toy to get her. You search online for a bit, and then you log into Facebook. Suddenly, every ad you encounter is about feline entertainment…. Continue Reading →

Mobile and Desktop Operating Systems Market Share

Have you ever wondered which is more popular – Windows or Mac OS? Have you ever pondered who is winning in the Android vs iOS race for market share? Have you ever thought about the value of Google Chromebook in… Continue Reading →

111+ Linux Statistics and Facts

Back in the year 1993, Linus Torvalds walked into a bar. He saw a lonesome cowboy about to mercilessly dig into a bowl of kernels. The cowboy said: Mmmmm, those kernels are the best… And that’s how a new operating… Continue Reading →

PG&E Turns Power Off (a.k.a. Climate Change and the Data Center)

In our October 2018 report, A mission-critical industry unprepared for climate change, Uptime Institute Intelligence urged data center operators and owners to plan for the effects of climate change. We specifically encouraged data center owners and operators to meet with government… Continue Reading →

Tutorial: How to update DNS Records using GoDaddy API

Alvin Brown provides a tutorial on how to use GoDaddy’s API to retrieve and update DNS records for a given domain with specified Type and Name. Lately I’ve been experimenting with listing domain names for sale from my GoDaddy account… Continue Reading → buys Dreamscape for USD $73 million

Registrar buys registrar with big presence in Australia. bought the company that owns CrazyDomains is bolstering its business Down Under. The domain registrar and hosting company is buying Dreamscape Networks Limited (ASX: DN8) for AUS $105.2 million, or… Continue Reading →

Namecheap files reconsideration request over removing .Org, .Info price caps

Company asks ICANN to reconsider its decision to remove price caps on some legacy top level domains. One of the largest ICANN-accredited domain name registrars has filed a Reconsideration Request (pdf) with ICANN over its decision to remove price caps… Continue Reading →

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