The Growing Need for Remote Power Control for Colo

The global pandemic has pushed ‘the edge’ even more into the limelight, as more and more workers work remotely, and are expected to do so for the foreseeable future. With this growth and focus on edge computing and the movement toward multitenant data centers and colocation site, as well, tools like remote power control  of data center cabinets growing in importance.

remote power control

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A new Chatsworth Products white paper explores the capabilities  of remote management in multi-tenant/colocation, laboratory and remote/edge sites.

“With the shift of enterprise-owned Information and Communications Technology (ICT) equipment into multitenant data center (MTDC)/colocation sites and the anticipated growth of remote/edge sites, basic control of power for remotely located ICT equipment is becoming an important consideration in overall power management strategy,” the report states.

CPI shares that intelligent rack power distribution units (PDUs) with remote power management  can provide a solution with a potentially short return on investment.

The new white paper explores in detail the most beneficial applications for intelligent rack PDUs with remote power control, defines the key capabilities to require on intelligent rack PDUs with remote power control, and lists additional monitoring and security capabilities that should be considered when selecting intelligent rack PDUs for use in laboratories, in remote/edge sites or when colocating enterprise-owned equipment into MTDCs.

According to CPI, remote power management at the outlet level is most useful in remote, unattended sites and laboratories where standard ICT equipment will require occasional or regular physical reboot of equipment, especially when the reboot activity is expensive or time-consuming.

Intelligent rack PDUs include a network connection to provide remote monitoring and/or control and attach into/onto a cabinet/rack. — Chatsworth Products

And in a colo environment, remote power control functionality can be used to reduce “remote hands” service charges for simple physical reboot activities.

Further, remote power control will also allow for unattended multitenant and remote/edge sites is the ability to maintain the “power off” condition on any unused outlets in order to require a formal process that reviews available capacity and failover before deploying and powering new equipment or to secure power when retiring old equipment.

“This is a form of security, both to restrict access to power and to carefully allocate available capacity,” CPI says.

Ultimately, the report contends that an intelligent rack PDU can help those managing ICT equipment craft a successful overall power management strategy.

Download the new report, “Remote Management of Data Center Cabinets The Importance of Remote Power Control in Multitenant/Colocation, Laboratory and Remote/Edge Sites,” courtesy of Chatsworth Products, to explore further the potential benefits of remote power control in the data industry.

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