Travel Stay Planner DeskFlex Expands into New European Regions to Meet COVID-19 Booking Demands

Travel Stay Planner DeskFlex Expands into New European Regions to Meet COVID-19 Booking Demands

Epazz DeskFlex is Experiencing Increased Growth in Europe and as a Result, is Hiring Account Managers in Dublin, Ireland to Keep Up with the Global Demand for Desk Booking Software after COVID-19 Lockdowns

Leading US-based room booking and scheduling software company DeskFlex is expanding into Europe by hiring account managers in Dublin, Ireland. The company will also be hosting Cloud applications in Europe in order to comply with European Laws for data privacy and internet services.

EU Expansion Strategic Shift to Serve Global Customers

Epazz Inc. DeskFlex is a mission-critical cloud business software provider.

DeskFlex conference room desk booking software doubled its sales numbers from July and is now expanding globally.

DeskFlex desk booking software is hiring more account managers as the company experiences more product requests, virtual demonstrations, and employee training on software navigation in Europe.

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DeskFlex confirmed that it is receiving calls from companies based in Germany, Spain, and the UK. Epazz will soon open its Dublin office as overseas expansion efforts intensify.

The EU Cloud Computing Market is the Third-Largest

According to independent market research reports, the EU-based Cloud Computing market is growing at 10-12% CAGR, raking an annual revenue exceeding 25 billion in 2018. The COVID-19 pandemic has permanently disrupted the Cloud software applications industry, even as companies for travel booking and scheduling like DeskFlex continue to grow and offer new job opportunities in the global markets.

The EU is the second-largest economy after the US in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the third-largest globally in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP) after the US and China. The European Service Sector comprises 74.7% of the EU’s GDP, in contrast to the manufacturing industry with 23.8%, and agriculture with 1.5% of GDP.

In an official statement, Epazz states –

“Epazz sees COVID-19 as a permanent shift in how cloud software applications are being used in companies’ operations. DeskFlex will benefit from the shift as companies are having employees work part-time from the office. The shift from on-premise to public Cloud solutions to manage, optimize, automate, and monitor enterprise applications and business services was already prevalent in Europe. The COVID-19 has accelerated this cloud journey even further.”

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DeskFlex’s room scheduling system continues to upgrade its software features to help curb the positive cases of Coronavirus contamination in hotspot countries such as the US and Europe. DeskFlex conference room booking software helps schools, offices, companies, and organizations get back to the normal activities by implementing new practices and health protocols.

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