SiteSeer Technologies Discusses COVID-19 Data Challenges

SiteSeer Technologies Discusses COVID-19 Data Challenges

SiteSeer Technologies Discusses COVID-19 Data Challenges with Partners ChainXY, UberMedia, Synergos Technologies, Planned Grocery and INRIX

SiteSeer Technologies, creator of SiteSeer Professional site selection software and Void Analysis Pro, hosted a webinar on October 29, 2020, with five data partners: ChainXY, UberMedia, Synergos Technologies, Inc., Planned Grocery and INRIX. The webinar, titled “Dealing with Data Challenges Created by COVID-19,” delved into the various ways that the widespread effects of COVID-19 are impacting the data used in the SiteSeer platform by retailers, chain businesses, brokers and developers, and communities.

Insights varied from the big picture to the detailed assessments of how people have changed how they live, work and shop in the first part of 2020 and how these massive adjustments might change going forward.

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Nick Ison, VP of operations from ChainXY, provider of retail and restaurant locational data from ~5,500 chain businesses across many different categories, said it is important for clients to be able to engage in “data-driven decision making. “Consistency is key,” says Ison. Businesses must be able to “rely on [your] data before COVID, during COVID, after COVID.”

Kyle Day of Synergos Technologies, Inc., shared findings from the company’s recently published COVID Impact Report. He discussed a common question about population migration and whether it is at least partially attributable to COVID-19. “What we’re having going on in a lot of places across the country right now isn’t so much moving, but a seasonal housing realignment,” says Day. “We have a lot of people switching from living in a residence for 8-9 months to only four or five.” He added that these migration shifts might last beyond the pandemic, but time will tell.

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In addition to ChainXY and Synergos Technologies, Inc., other data partners on the panel included UberMedia, provider of mobile location data, Planned Grocery, which assembles planned grocery location data across the United States, and INRIX, global leader in transportation analytics and connected car services and provider of INRIX Volume Profiles traffic counts data.

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