Revolutionizing Cloud Storage, LifeVault Debuts Info Storing App Exclusively on the App Store

Revolutionizing Cloud Storage, LifeVault Debuts Info Storing App Exclusively on the App Store

The easy-to-use mobile storage service securely houses and organizes important personal and family documents for common life events or unpredictable emergencies, like buying a house or losing a wallet

LifeVault, a consumer Software as a Services (SaaS) startup, announced the availability of its mobile app that offers a secure information Cloud storage service with in-app guidance to bundle and safeguard essential life documents. Exclusively available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, it gives consumers an interactive way to secure their life by housing documents ranging from medical and car insurance, to passwords and phone numbers, to driver licenses and passport verification, to housing and financial details.

“At LifeVault it is our mission to provide consumers with a valuable service that gives them a mobile hub to securely hold crucial information that can be accessed at a moment’s notice. Whether buying a house, at the doctor’s office or when traveling with the family, we want users to feel confident, protected and empowered that all of their important documents are with them and can be accessed when needed most,” said Michael Cole, co-founder and CEO of LifeVault. “Our goal is to help people secure their lives with our simple, fun and secure solution and provide guidance along the way so they are always prepared in any situation.”

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LifeVault is a mobile solution for daily routines and for those unpredictable emergency situations. There is no fuss in searching through unsecure and outdated filing cabinets or having to worry about managing multiple sites and places for passwords, documents and details. LifeVault organizes personal information into packs that cater to a variety of common and typical human situations, life events and activities, and stores the information securely in the Cloud. The “Oh #&%! My Wallet” pack recommends scanning in the user’s driver’s license, debit and credit cards. Other packs include the “Mid-Trip Crisis” for passports, alarm codes, home and travel insurance, “Roof On Fire” for safe combinations, alarm company, auto and home insurance, and more. Once one pack is completed, LifeVault will suggest another pack option, which will encourage and guide the user to continue safeguarding their information in a manageable way. The Cloud storage is equipped with top-notch security using the same level of encryption as the military – two-factor authentication and data encryption with AES-256 before it is stored on the server, and the option to add passphrase for an extra layer of security.

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LifeVault users will also receive custom recommendations in the app to help inform them on what necessary information is needed going forward and to help the user manage their personal details. Customizable features allow each user to complete certain packs or bypass others altogether.

“A new mother may choose to use packs to store her paediatrician’s phone number and address along with her baby’s medical info, while the solo traveler is using it to store their passport and travel visas,” added Cole. “LifeVault’s user-friendly design effortlessly scans things like insurance cards, while also offering additional entry systems such as simply typing in policy numbers and adding details like expiration and renewal dates.”

LifeVault plans to roll out new packs and features to continue helping individuals and families even further.

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