Qualibrate Powers Rapid End-to-End SAP Testing

Qualibrate Powers Rapid End-to-End SAP Testing

As businesses are pressured to evolve their technology as fast as possible, slow implementation leads to outdated projects, reduced ROI, and lost business.

Qualibrate, the leading three-in-one SaaS solution for enterprise software delivery, powers an automated, accelerated testing process that reduces project timelines by weeks, saves money, and increases long-term return on investment.

For enterprises looking to modernize their IT applications landscape, end-to-end automation tools like Qualibrate offer a simplified user experience and an efficient approach to SAP documentation, testing, and learning.

“Businesses are picking up the pace on their digital transformation programs to remain competitive. Efficient documentation, testing, and learning processes often become bottlenecks when delivery teams want to release new applications to their end users. Qualibrate’s concept is designed to empower those teams to deliver high-quality applications at high speeds with less effort,” said Alan Jimenez, Managing Director of Qualibrate.

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As SAP projects need to be completed faster than ever, organizations are looking for an approach to help teams deliver, manage, and maintain solutions. With the rise of cloud-based solutions, SAP delivery has accelerated and simplified. However, long testing cycles slow down projects, and business leaders are burdened by using cumbersome old tools to test dynamic, modern projects.

The December 2021 SAPInsider report, “Change Management and Testing for SAP,” illustrated that nearly 50% of participants felt their pace of innovation was hampered by outdated change management and testing functions.

Rapid SAP testing offers organizations significant benefits when proper solutions are utilized. With solutions like S/4HANA, SAP customers can realize their visions in months instead of years. SAP solutions are also regularly updated, allowing customers to stay ahead of the innovation curve.

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SAP test automation tools like Qualibrate allow organizations to transform end-to-end business process testing, enabling rapid and efficient iteration while also providing a single source of truth for documentation and continuous learning. As a unified automation engine that supports all SAP UI frameworks, project teams can create robust and maintainable test assets that live beyond delivery and into the fast-moving future.

Test tools like Qualibrate offer accelerated testing with reusable and robust assets that will continue to yield benefits throughout the end-to-end project lifecycle.

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