ProofPilot Announces Over $12 Million in Series B Funding

ProofPilot Announces Over $12 Million in Series B Funding

The Fully-Integrated Software as a Service (SaaS) Research Platform Aims to Transform the Current Clinical Trial Model

ProofPilot, a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) clinical trial research platform, announced the closing of more than $12M in Series B financing, led by Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Inc., with Sopris Capital, LLC, First Trust Capital Partners, LLC, and Excelra, among others, participating in this round. ProofPilot is revolutionizing the complex and arduous clinical trial market by offering a fully digitized platform with self-design study, trial process management, and remote source verification capabilities.

“ProofPilot is bringing next-generation healthcare to all audiences,” said Matthew Amsden, CEO, and co-founder of ProofPilot. “Through our cost-effective and digitally-enabled platform, pharmaceutical and medical device companies can expand the efficacies of their existing products and explore the potential of digital health solutions. For the first time, health & wellness companies can now access clinical trials to substantiate their products and services at a manageable cost. Moreover, participants can seamlessly engage in clinical trial support.”

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ProofPilot is bringing next-generation healthcare to all audiences.

ProofPilot is transforming the traditional clinical trial model so more companies can afford to run trials on a wider array of regulated and non-regulated products and services – all without the typically required internal infrastructure. This democratization not only allows small companies to design and execute trials with rigor, but also to massively scale the research capacity of life science companies as well.

As part of this raise, famed technology strategist and healthcare investor Esther Dyson, executive founder of Wellville, joins ProofPilot’s Board of Directors. “As a society, we don’t know very much about what improves our human health, or even what a ‘healthy’ person looks like, but with reduced barriers to entry, ProofPilot allows organizations of any size to design unique trials that impact previously underrepresented populations,” she says. “The ProofPilot value proposition is a true win-win-win—for companies, researchers, and people alike.”

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Jeff Kozloff, seasoned healthcare entrepreneur and another new member of ProofPilot’s Board of Directors, echoes the value that ProofPilot brings in its transparency. “Trust is at the foundation of all consumer decision-making,” says Kozloff. “ProofPilot’s innovative platform enables companies to effortlessly conduct evidence-based research to advance science, validate product claims and earn consumer trust.”

“Strategically, ProofPilot was a natural fit for Mitsui. This Company makes clinical trials affordable and easy-to-use, allowing many companies to test their next-generation healthcare solutions, and reach a diverse group of participants. With a focus on innovative opportunities in the healthcare and wellness market, we saw how ProofPilot can play an important role in bringing evidence-based changes to the market,” said Jin-Ah Lim, General Manager at Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Inc.

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