Pareteum Announces a New Home Office and Rural Broadband Solution

Pareteum Announces a New Home Office and Rural Broadband Solution

Pareteum Corporation, a global cloud communications platform company, has announced a new cellular Wi-Fi connectivity offer to address home office and rural broadband service requirements. This new offering uses Pareteum’s mobile network to facilitate high-quality Internet connectivity to laptops, AirCards, mobile hotspots, tablets, cameras, routers, and a host of other devices. This application has traditionally been underserved with consumer-based cell and data plans. Now however, Pareteum has a specialized and competitive offering to meet the needs for these growing use cases.

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“There is significant pent-up demand for high-quality Internet connectivity and mobility services among rural clients,” said David Hess,

Vice President of North American Sales at Pareteum. “Given the unfortunate emergence of COVID-19, more businesses are opting for decentralized workplaces and work from home options for their employees. As a result, there has been a sharp increase in demand for these services across the board.  Wireless broadband service providers are clamoring for ubiquitous and dependable connectivity solutions to provide both rural subscribers and remote workers with what they need to be successful.”

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The Pareteum Experience Cloud delivers connected services in over 200 countries and territories. Experience Cloud enables a host of powerful mobility, customer engagement, analytics, and intelligence services via the world’s largest unified global network. This includes global Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, inflight Wi-Fi service, application-to-person (A2P) messaging, location intelligence, and more. The platform’s SaaS model enables rapid time to market for service launches and expansions and allows brands to pay-as-they-scale.


Pareteum continues to assist customers to become more competitive with our global product offerings and strong partnerships. We look forward to sharing more about our strategy and growth opportunities soon.

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