OpsMx Accelerates Continuous Delivery With Intelligent SaaS Solution

OpsMx Accelerates Continuous Delivery With Intelligent SaaS Solution

New SaaS solution leverages AI/ML to deliver intelligent software delivery at cloud scale.

OpsMx, a leader in intelligent software delivery, is excited to announce at #cdcon 2021 the availability of OpsMx Intelligent Cloud, the OpsMx Enterprise for Spinnaker (OES) SaaS solution. OES is a highly scalable, intelligent, multi-cloud deployment solution that has been adopted at large enterprises like Cisco, Standard Chartered Bank, and Bell Canada.

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Enterprises struggle to implement a safe and secure continuous delivery practice that scales for multi-cloud environments. Releasing and deploying applications at the velocity the business demands requires a best-in-class continuous deployment platform with real-time visibility and active management of risk. OES leverages leading open source project Spinnaker (www.spinnaker.io) for its underlying multi-cloud orchestration functionality while adding simplicity, security, safety, and intelligence to the platform.

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OpsMx Intelligent Cloud allows customers to accelerate their Continuous Delivery transformation for multi-cloud and quickly take advantage of OES’s new Intelligent Software Delivery platform.  OpsMx approaches software delivery holistically by embedding intelligence throughout the entire Continuous Delivery process.  This enables DevOps teams to deliver software faster with lower risk and higher reliability.  It automates risk evaluation allowing for both automated and human-assisted delivery decisions. This results in increased speed, reduction in failures, and reduced reliance on domain experts.

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“OpsMx intelligent cloud is a big step towards our vision of delivering software without human intervention,” said Gopal Dommety, CEO of OpsMx. “OpsMx intelligent cloud is super-easy for developers to use and simplifies the delivery across firewalls. It reduces both the human effort and the production failures that happen during software updates and works with your favorite CD Platform such as Spinnaker, Jenkins, Argo,  etc.,” he added.

OpsMx Intelligent cloud is your fastest path to automated deployments. Get started in minutes with a complete production-ready CD solution that is easy to use, secure, reliable, and scales to your needs.

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