LeanIX Releases Business Transformation Management Module for Enterprise Architecture

LeanIX Releases Business Transformation Management Module for Enterprise Architecture

Collaborative EA Tool Models Target State IT Scenarios to Align and Accelerate Business Change

LeanIX, a provider of Software-as-a-Service solutions for Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Cloud Governance, released its Business Transformation Management (BTM) Module for the award-winning LeanIX Enterprise Architecture Suite.

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The Business Transformation Management (BTM) module is part of LeanIX’s award-winning Enterprise Architecture Suite, and enables CIOs and EAs to collaboratively model changes and impacts to IT landscapes — similar to a GitHub for architecture management — and to visualize future states of the IT landscape like with a time machine. 

The add-on BTM module enables enterprise business and IT teams to work collaboratively on transformation—effectively like a GitHub for architecture management—and to visualize the future-state of their IT landscape like with a time machine. As a result, LeanIX BTM creates a strategic link between high-level business objectives and transformation initiatives to articulate what the business needs and how it will change as a result of the transformation.

LeanIX’s Business Transformation Management module completed successful beta testing with LeanIX customers including National Bank of Canada, Coca-Cola European Partners, and others. The new module is available now for existing LeanIX customers.

“It’s simpler for IT and business people to work together using the LeanIX Business Transformation Management module,” said Kerfalla Touré, Product Owner for Enterprise Architecture solutions, National Bank of Canada. “I’ve been able to show them that using BTM, there’s a way to address the interdependencies of initiatives regarding business capabilities. We can show facts now and we believe BTM will help us reach new heights.”

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“As a beta tester, we’re extremely pleased with our implementation of LeanIX’s Business Transformation Management module,” said Andreas Nold, Director of Enterprise Architecture with Coca-Cola European Partners. “We plan on using BTM to conduct target state modeling and sequencing for our annual business plan. This allows us to move away from our Excel-based workarounds and become more productive as a team.”

“The LeanIX Business Transformation Management module provides enterprise architects and CIOs a much more efficient and scalable method to collaboratively develop plans and scenarios for their IT roadmap,” said André Christ, CEO and Co-founder of LeanIX. “It’s like using the Apple Time Machine® in which that application displays data retrospectively at any time. The Business Transformation Management module of LeanIX does the same – but in the future.”

Other use cases illustrate how the Business Transformation Module extends current LeanIX EA Suite capabilities.

  • An organization wants to roll out a cloud-based ERP system (e.g. SAP S4/HANA® Cloud). Using LeanIX BTM, both IT and business departments can align on strategic goals and visualize how the cloud transformation will impact the business’ processes and IT architecture at each phase of the rollout.
  • A business has a stated goal to increase IT efficiency by 20%. Using LeanIX BTM, IT can analyze different scenarios for migrating legacy software applications and business processes to the cloud and microservices and deliver within 120 days.
  • Following a corporate merger or acquisition, a business goal is to integrate all IT assets of the target company. Using the LeanIX BTM module, the business can model and visualize how the merger or acquisition will impact their existing IT architecture and seamlessly create their IT landscape roadmaps within 90 days.
  • A business wants to enable more remote-working capabilities. Using the LeanIX BTM module, IT staff can create a roadmap for updating hardware and software to comply with ISO-27001 requirements for remote processes.

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