Invenda Group AG Expands Leadership Team On The Heels of Successful Series B Funding Raise

Invenda Group AG, the leader in next-generation automated retail, expands its leadership team with four strategic executive hires as the company accelerates growth in North America. Each addition brings vision, expertise, and relationships that will help strengthen Invenda’s foothold in the market, paving the way to replicate its European market leadership.

The news follows Invenda’s $19 Million Series B funding round, raised to actualize the next generation of retail, the Internet of Retail (IoR). IoR encompasses a dynamic network of connected automated retail hardware and software driven by AI and cloud technology. The Invenda Platform – composed of Invenda Cloud, InvendaOS, and Invenda Wallet – powers IoR, enabling highly engaging retail experiences for consumers, while driving sales and insights for operators and brands.


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The new roster of Invenda executives includes:

  • Chief Executive Officer of North America, Andreas Pfluger – Andreas will operationally lead our North American business as the company grows its market presence. The former U.S. CEO for Lindt & Sprüngli brings over three decades of experience in the food and beverages industry and has proven expertise in scaling retail companies in North America.
  • Chief Growth Officer, Urs Reinhard – Urs will lead sales, marketing, public relations, and customer success to drive global growth. Urs brings over 20 years of expertise as a Partner & Managing Director at Boston Consulting Group, and executive board member of technology companies. Urs’ expertise in digital business models and transforming the customer experience will drive growth and satisfaction of the global customer base, as well as ongoing evolution of Invenda’s business model.
  • Managing Director of North America, Mark Crandell – Mark will drive Invenda’s continued growth in North America, guiding business development and the go to market strategy. Mark brings over 25 years of extensive branding, scaling, and operational expertise, having previously led the commercial success of companies like Sonos, TiVo and Sony in the United States.
  • Chief of Staff, Gregory Byers – Gregory will lead global operating model transformation at Invenda to drive impact at scale. He brings expertise in delivering sustainable value anchored in meaningful customer experiences along with a strategy background with global brands including McDonald’s, LVMH Group, and Amgen.

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“At Invenda, we’ve built a culture of innovation, ambition, and determination; each of these exceptional leaders embody those values in spades and will drive the company forward,” said Jon Brezinski, CEO and founder of Invenda. “We have a bold vision for the future of automated retail and with this team, we’re positioned to not only expand geographically, but into new industries and service offerings as well.”


“The automated retail industry is prime for disruption and Invenda is the company making it happen,” said Andreas Pfluger, CEO of North America at Invenda. “We’re in a pivotal moment for the industry. I plan to leverage my decades of experience navigating the unique challenges of growing food and beverage companies in the United States to ensure Invenda makes the most of it.”

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